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Garage Door Tune-ups  #ROC 336156

Garage Door services Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.

Office Hours: Mon - Sat 7:00am-7:00pm
(we answer the phone 7 days a week)

Loud, noisy, squeaky, garage door? You may not need to replace it, you might just need a tune-up.  Let our technicians take a look and we'll provide you with the most accurate assessment available.  No matter what, before we leave, we'll tune up your garage door system.

Garage doors are often the most used door in the home. Regular maintenance will not only quiet the noise of the door, but can prevent expensive repairs. 

If replacement is recommended, our technicians will go through all of your options with you before doing any work or charging you any money.

No Emergency Call Fees in most cases.

Our Services

Voted Best Garage Door Services 2021 by readers of the West Valley View.  Our business was founded on three main principles: quality, pricing and service, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to them each day. We supply quality services at competitive pricing, no matter what the issue may be. Let us know how we can help your home. We can’t wait to start working together.   


Overhead Garage door motors

Pricing varies.  Need a new motor for your garage door? Garage Door Tune-ups can replace or install your new motor. Some customers buy motors from their local home improvement store and are not sure how to install. Call to schedule that installation at an affordable price. Our highly experienced technicians work on Chamberlain, Genie, and Liftmaster openers.  We also install MyQ(R) SmartHome motors upon request.  Ask your technician for information. 

We install all major motors: 

  • Liftmaster

  • Craftsman

  • Genie

  • Chamberlain

  • Homeowner purchased motors

Homeowner-Purchased Motor Install

$150 all day, every day.  If a homeowner needs a new motor, our technicians will explore every price saving option including helping the homeowner find the least expensive options for purchasing the motor themselves.  Our technicians will assist in that process and then schedule a time with the homeowner to install the motor once it arrives.  If you are in the market for a new overhead garage door motor be sure to discuss this option with your technician.  

Basic Service Call (includes full tune-up)

Service call  $75 all day, every day.  Includes the following: lubricate and check balance on the door, any necessary adjustments on the door, safety check on the motor sensors and auto-reverse feature (if applicable), lubrication of spring system and moving parts (normal wear and tear parts) and full component assessment.  Skilled installation and/or  maintenance of overhead motors, preventive maintenance for spring breakage includes lubrication of springs, rollers, trolley, gear and sprocket, hinges, and all moveable parts on the door.  Included with the price of the service call.  If any additional work is needed, the pricing includes the service call fee.  

Realtors or home buyers/sellers: Failed inspection on garage door? We will correct the balance making necessary adjustments on springs and correction of travel limits to pass auto reverse test.   If you need a new garage door, we will let you know and provide reasonable pricing for installation packages. 

Off-Track Repair 

If your garage door won't open, it may be off track and won't need any major repairs.  Included in the service call is the complete tune-up detailed above, and the cost of the basic service call will be waived so that you only pay for the work to get your garage door back into working condition.  

Spring Conversions 

Prices vary.  It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes we encounter doors with the wrong springs and if we  find that, upon inspection,that is the case with your door system, your technician will explain what is needed for your door to work at its optimal functionality.  It may only need a spring coversion.  

Overhaul Kit 

Pricing varies.  As a part of the inspection and tune-up that we do for all of our customers, sometimes the technicians find that the door is in good condition, but the working parts are not.  The overhaul kit includes brand new springs, nylon rollers, bearings, and new cables.  Sometimes it may require new hardware like new spring(s), hinges, etc.  Our technicians are experienced in recognizing when a new door just isn't necessary but new hardware is.  If that is the case with your residential garage door, your technician will let you know and discuss all service options with you before doing any work on your garage door system.

Garage Door Installation

Pricing varies.  Whether you need a garage door replaced or just need a new door installed we provide complete residential consultations for all things garage door.  

Your door may not need to be replaced, it may just need to have a panel or two replaced.   You may only need a panel repaired.  

Once our technician is on site at your home, a complete asessment of your garage door system will be done and shared with you, the homeowner, before any work is done.


Some of the doors we install and service: 

  • Wayne Dalton

  • Amaar

  • First United

  • UDT

  • Clopay


Call us today and let’s get started!  (602)935-8009

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